Month: August 2013

Criminal offering: “We glad to represent service on sale Bank logins, ***s, PayPal, Ebay, dumps, poker rooms accts, search SSN, DOB etc”

In 2012 I posted a promotion for botnet services found on the web. The below promotion of illegal virtual goods/services was posted today (2013-08-15) somewhere else on the web. Quite comprehensive and detailed; professional, one might say. (Or a good fake.)

hello all,

We glad to represent service on sale Bank logins, ***s, PayPal, Ebay, dumps, poker rooms accts, search SSN, DOB etc

contacts   [REDACTED]
Support icq : [REDACTED]
mail :[REDACTED]
Always in stock fresh stuff, often updates.
Instant delivery.
What bank logins we have in stock:
-Usa (usually have BOA, Chase and more)
-UK (Abbey, Hsbc and Halifax and more)
-AU (ask support)
-Ca (ask support)
Dumps and ***s worldwide!
Our Price:
MC Standart, Visa Classic - 40$ ,
AMEX - 50$
MC,visa classic - 40$
MC,Visa Gold/Platinum/Corporate/Signature/Business - 55$
EU and World: (101)
MC Standart, Visa Classic - 100$
MC,Visa Gold/Platinum/Corporate/Signature/Business - 120$
EU and World: (201)
MC Standart, Visa Classic - 70$
MC,Visa Gold/Platinum/Corporate/Signature/Business - 90$
Bank logins:
Usually 6% from balance
If big balance price cheapest
All info for deal transfer!!!
Usa - 5 usd per 1
EU - 10-15 usd per 1
Ask support for more information!
Also i can search SSN, DOB, DL, MMN for u! Welcome!
I sell poker accts in any poker room! Deposite from cc or mb! Nice prices, nice balances!
(my poker acct=(dedicated server with software poker room with ur acct)
Also i need guy who can help me cashout in poker! Welcome!
Terms of work:
- I sell dumps (track2+track1) without pin (attention rippers!!!), Bank logins, ***s, PayPal, Ebay.
- Sending stuff withing 24 hours after full payment received.
- Dumps before sale can be checked up. They are not subject to replacement, or, Unchecked dumps I replace in a current of 24 hours after you have received them and only pick up/hold-call.
- The minimum order:
- WMZ - no min, WU/MG - 400 usd + 8% drop fee.
- I do not give stuff for test. All real clients have some $ for test service, only nigerian kids asked free! I hope u not nigerian kid?Smile
We don't make sometimes SUPPORT IN ICQ . You will get full ignore if u will ask too many questions every time . When checker is working u will receive your card just if it is valid if not you are auto-refunded.
1. We work only with our good buyers . If u dont like our shop u will be lock and willnot support any more in future
2. We Make refund to balance withing 24h period . Dont claim us to make it instant or in 2 min . We a not robots .
3. We sell for you only stuffs which u can see inside our shop .
4. We always very honest and wanna help u in all problems.
5. If you found bug and didnot report to us about it - u will be lock forever. Ppls who help us with bugs will be make bonuses and discounts.
6. Shop make auto discount after 500$ , 2000$ , 5000$ and etc. total orders .
7. We dont make money back for your purses . Only for account balance.
Replacement CC Rules
1. We replace cards which willnot approved in our private checker but in case that checker working we don`t offer replace.
2. If cc approved in our checker - we will inform u with admin message in replacement claim and willnot refund u balance.
3. If cc willnot have balance for u order - we willnot refund or replace u claim.
4. If cc have verified by visa or security 3d mc protect - we willnot replace or refund u claim .
5. For correct work with our cc pls use private checker merchants . About it read Articles in our shop .
6. We make refund or replace ur claim within 24h period.
7. DE cc dont have any refund . UK+DOB dont have any refund if dob bad or info bad . Validate rate 85% .
Replacement Bank Logins Rules * Updated
1. We refund full balance for u if bank logins have incorrect info and canot login .
2. We refund only some part of balance if bank logins have different balance . Like u bought 2k bal and get 1k - we will refund about 50% of price.
3. We dont make transfer from bank logins and etc . We a only sell . All articles will be posted very soon to make u work better .
4. If account have Card Reader Security - we dont make any refund . (natwest-barclays-rbs).
5. If u claim *Its bad* , *Acc Bad* , *This bad* , *Not Open* - u claims will be delete without refund . We need full reason of claims . Pls Copy Error Reason From Bank website after bad try to login .
6. We will lock users who will claim for valid logins - doesnot matter if its have -10$ balance or something else , if u claim it like a dead login but access will be valid - u account will be locked . Unlock will cost 200$ for this mistake . Be Carefully with work together.
7. Halifax - you must known this bank one of the strong of security detect online banking . Halifax can easy lock access if u pc isnot perfect or u ip different of holder ip . if u get message that acc temporary lock we willnot refund any amount for this .
8. If u locked access for logins - we willnot refund u any money .
1. If u willnot buy any stuff with 1 month period - we will lock u access.
2. If u will claims in icq and will teach us how to work - we will lock u access.
Dumps Rules
1. U can buy it searching for Bin .
2. Our checker check dumps with CCCHECKER - u must known it . Its dont guanraty 100% clear check without any flag and etc
3. Minimum order 1 dump
4. If u got 201 dumps and u canot use it - we dont make any refund.
Dumps Replacements
>12 hours for only Decline[05]:
05 | Decline | Do Not Honor
>24 hours for Hold-Call / Pick Up Card:
04 | Hold-Call Or Pick Up Card
07 | Hold-Call Or Pick up Card | Pick Up Card - Special Condition
41 | Hold-Call Or Pick up Card | Pick Up Card - Lost
43 | Hold-Call Or Pick up Card | Pick Up Card Stolen
The rest of responses will not be replaced, especialy:
01 | Call | Refer To Issuer
02 | Call | Refer To Issuer - Special Condition
13 | Decline | Amount Error | Invalid amount
51 | Decline | Insufficient Funds
N4 | Decline | Exceeds Issuer Withdrawal Limit
61 | Decline | Exceeds Withdrawal Limit
62 | Decline | Invalid Service Code, Restricted
65 | Decline | Activity Limit Exceeded
93 | Decline | Violation, Cannot Complete
Paypal Rules
1. If Paypal Email password dont work - we refund only 50% of price.
2. If Paypal Account have Security Meansure - We dont make refund - Use clear socks for it . All anyproxy - 5socks services - blacklisted socks . Be ware and dont use bad socks
3. For correct work use only our socks . Soon socks will be work and we will have only clear and private socks list until then u can enjoy of 1 free time to time socks.
4. Replacement time 24h . You canot claim after 24h period .
Please take care and buy only what u need dont tell us that u have bought it and you don`t need it after.