AOC Professional Reading List 2012

The Association of Old Crows (AOC) surveyed Crows on their favorite books to form an “AOC Professional Reading List”. The results are in. Here are the Top 5 EW Books, Top 3 IO Books and Top 2 Great Reads:

  1. EW 101, EW 102, and EW 103 – Dave Adamy
  2. Introduction to Radar Systems – Merrill Skolnik
  3. Introduction to Airborne Radar – George W. Stimson
  4. Electronic Warfare in the Information Age – D. Curtis Schleher
  5. Electronic Intelligence: The Analysis of Radar Signals – Richard G. Wiley
  6. Information Warfare: Principles and Operations – Edward Waltz
  7. Information Operations – Doctrine and Practice: A Reference Handbook (Contemporary Military, Strategic, & Security Issues) – Christopher Paul
  8. Information Operations: The Hard Reality of Soft Power – Edwin L. Armistead
  9. Most Secret War – Reginald V. Jones
  10. Deep Black – William Burrows

I shamelessly ripped the above list from eCrow and added hyperlinks myself. I’m aware not everyone is a fan of Amazon but it has one of the lowest probabilities of removing or changing URLs. After all: cool URIs don’t change!

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