Archive of Information Operations (IO) Newsletters

Last updated: 2013-12-19

The US Army Space and Missile Defense Command / Army Forces Strategic Command (SMDC-ARSTRAT) / G39, Information Operations Division publishes the Information Operations (IO) Newsletter. Jeff Harley is the principal force behind the IO Newsletter. In the spirit of LOCKSS, I copy these (unclassified) documents from (which is run by Robert David Steele / @PhiBetaIota) or from and maintain this single-post archive.

As new issues of the IO Newsletter appear, I’ll add them here. Another post I keep updated on this blog is Selected Readings in Cyberwar.


October – December 2013

FILE    = ARSTRAT_IO_Newsletter_v14_no_01.pdf

VOLUME  = 14
NUMBER  = 01
DATE    = October-December 2013

1. How to Fight Cyber War? Estonia Shows The Way
2. Utilizing Social Media during Major Events
3. Google Launches Project Shield Cybersecurity Initiative for ‘Free Expression’
4. U.S.-Style Personal Data Gathering Is Spreading Worldwide
5. How They Think: PME in the Modern PLA
6. CNO Says Navy Needs Ground Forces’ Help On Cyber, Electronic Warfare
7. The Nairobi Attack and Al-Shabab’s Media Strategy
8. South Korea Says North Korea Developing Electromagnetic Pulse Weapons
9. Saudi Experts Boost Their Skills in Electronic Warfare
10. Fighting On the Cyber Battlefield: Weak States and Nonstate Actors Pose Threats
11. US Governmental Information Operations and Strategic Communications: A Discredited Tool or User Failure? Implications for Future Conflict
12. US Senators Warn On Huawei Deal with South Korea
13. Cyberspace Warriors Graduate With Army’s Newest Military Occupational Specialty
14. China Spins New Lesson from Soviet Union’s Fall
15. Drawing Lessons from Zimbabwe’s War of Liberation: Efficacious Use of Propaganda and Violence
16. Cyber Power in the Gulf
17. Inside the Ring: China targets Global Hawk drone
18. Army Reserve Units Earn Top Places
19. SOCOM Web Initiative on Senate Chopping Block

September 2013

FILE    = ARSTRAT_IO_Newsletter_v13_no_10.pdf

VOLUME  = 13
NUMBER  = 10
DATE    = September 2013

1. The Fanciful World of Cyber Warfare
2. Electronic Warfare: The Cat-And-Mouse Game Continues
3. Mysterious Actions of Chinese Satellites Have Experts Guessing
4. Want to See China’s Latest Top-Secret Military Site? Just Google It
5. Redhack Announces Election Software as Its Next Target
6. Can the U.S. and China Get Along in Outer Space?
7. Meet Hidden Lynx: The Most Elite Hacker Crew You’ve Never Heard Of
8. Hacking U.S. Secrets, China Pushes for Drones
9. Metadata May Not Catch Many Terrorists, but It’s Great at Busting Journalists’ Sources
10. Fooled by Certainty
11. One of the Few: The Cultural Support Team
12. Voice of Russia Is a Great Contributor to Freedom Of Expression – British MP
13. US and Turkey to Create Fund to Stem Extremism

July/Augustus 2013

FILE    = ARSTRAT_IO_Newsletter_v13_no_09.pdf

VOLUME  = 13
NUMBER  = 09
DATE    = July/August 2013

1. British Cops Admit They Monitor Facebook, Twitter
2. Hacking for Change – Could Revealing Cyber Capabilities Prevent Cyber War?
3. Anonymous vs. Los Zetas: The Revenge of the Hacktivists
4. Taiwan a ‘Testing Ground’ for Chinese Cyber Army
5. U.S. Repeals Propaganda Ban, Spreads Government-Made News to Americans
6. House Fails To Kill Pentagon’s Foreign Websites
7. Out of Sight
8. Scenario Puts Energy, Politics in Hackers’ Cross Hairs
9. Private Cyber Retaliation Undermines Federal Authority
10. US Spends $24 Million on ‘Propaganda Plane’ Few Can See or Hear
11. Cyber-Sabotage Is Easy
12. China Launches New Online Portal for Petitioners
13. How the Nature of Warfare is Changing in the Information Age
14. Tweet Offensive: Social Media Is Israeli Military’s Newest Weapon
15. Cyber Attacks in Space
16. Moscow Subway to Use Devices to Read Data on Phones
17. Online Jihad
18. If The Chinese Army Is Trying To Hack A Missouri Water Plant, What Else Is It Infiltrating?
19. NSA Leaks Make Plan for Cyberdefense Unlikely
20. Winning without Fighting: The Chinese Psychological Warfare Challenge
21. China Prepares for Psychological Warfare
22. China Launches Three ASAT Satellites
23. Electronic Warfare Development Targets Fully Adaptive Threat Response Technology
24. Military Education Falls Short on Cybersecurity Training
25. Why It’s Important to Herd the Social Media Sheep
26. Syrian Rebels Also Fighting Al Qaeda, Other Hard-Liners for Villagers’ Hearts and Minds
27. Applications of the Memetic Perspective in Inform and Influence Operations
28. Here’s How One Hacker Is Waging War on the Syrian Government

June 2013

FILE    = ARSTRAT_IO_Newsletter_v13_no_08.pdf

VOLUME  = 13
NUMBER  = 08
DATE    = June 2013

1. Clearing the Air on Cyber, Electronic Warfare
2. American Gets Targeted by Digital Spy Tool Sold to Foreign Governments
3. US Army Maps Future of the Electronic Battlefield
4. Silent War
5. US Disrupts Al-Qaeda’s Online Magazine
6. Marines Focused At the Tactical Edge of Cyber, Says Commander
7. With Troops and Techies, US Prepares For Cyber Warfare
8. Inside the NSA’s Ultra-Secret China Hacking Group
9. Internet Gurus Fear Iranian Assassins
10. NSA’s Keith Alexander Seeks Cyber Shield For Companies
11. Killing with Kindness: How Foreign Aid Backfires
12. Cyber Careers New Center, School to Bring Signals, Cyber, EW Together
13. “Electronic Warfare is Becoming More Important and More Complex”
14. Tweeting for the Caliphate: Twitter as the New Frontier for Jihadist Propaganda
15. Facebook Being Used To Recruit Indonesians For Terrorist Attacks
16. With Social Media, Middle Classes in Brazil, Turkey Grow Stronger, Angrier
17. Big Pic: How Turkish Protesters Use Google Maps To Track Police

May 2013

FILE    = ARSTRAT_IO_Newsletter_v13_no_07.pdf

VOLUME  = 13
NUMBER  = 07
DATE    = April 2013

1. Social Banditry and the Public Persona of Joaquín “El Chapo” Guzmán
2. India Sets Up Social Media Monitoring Lab
3. Hacking the News: Information Warfare in the Age of Twitter
4. Information Operations Is Just another Media Format Vying For the Eyes of the Audience
5. China’s Cyberspies Outwit Model for Bond’s Q
6. Getting Inside the Head of Italian PSYOPS: Interview with Colonel Marco Stoccuto
7. Understanding Groupthink
8. Are Military Hackers Targeting Tibetan Activists?
9. DOD Forming Information Operations Executive Steering Group
10. Pentagon: China Views Information Warfare as Key to Countering U.S. Pacific Forces
11. US Directly Blames China’s Military for Cyberattacks
12. Pentagon Warns North Korea Could Become a Hacker Haven
13. Loose Lips: Candid Camera Club Alerts N. Korea of USS Nimitz’s Arrival
14. Why Two Domains Are Better Than One
15. The Problem with Crowdsourcing Intelligence in Syria
16. US Government Becomes ‘Biggest Buyer’ Of Malware
17. How Twitter Is Messing With Al-Qaeda’s Careful PR Machine
18. Chinese University Lab Linked To PLA Cyber Attacks
19. China Conducts Test of New Anti-Satellite Missile
20. New Payload Brings Jamming Capability To An Army UAS For The First Time
21. Communication Systems Subject To Monitoring, OPSEC Reminders
22. US Could Use Cyberattack on Syrian Air Defenses
23. GAO: Military Propaganda Efforts Flawed
24. ¡Dios Mío! Pentagon’s Latest Weapon in Colombian Drug War? Soap Operas
25. Tracking Cyberterrorists
26. US Ill -Prepared For EMP Attack
27. Waging the Cyber War in Syria
28. Globalization Creates a New Worry: Enemy Convergence

April 2013

FILE    = ARSTRAT_IO_Newsletter_v13_no_06.pdf

VOLUME  = 13
NUMBER  = 06
DATE    = April 2013

1. A Cyber-Survivable Military
2. Redefining Information Operations
3. Command and Control Vulnerabilities to Communications Jamming
4. China’s Internet: A Giant Cage
5. Cat and Mouse: How China Makes Sure Its Internet Abides By the Rules
6. Assessing The Effects – A Curse Disguised As A Blessing?
7. Shutting Down the Internet – Thou Shalt Not Kill
8. Internet Controls in Other Countries
9. Masters of the Cyber-Universe
10. The Great Firewall: The Art of Concealment
11. Electronic Warfare: The Ethereal Future of Battle
12. Why China Is Reading Your Email
13. Making Strategic Sense of Cyber Power: Why the Sky Is Not Falling
14. Six U.S. Air Force Cyber Tools Designated As ‘Weapons’
15. Mexican Social Network Manager Quits Post amid Threats from Drug Traffickers
16. U.S. Military Working to Integrate Cyber Weapons into Commanders’ Arsenals
17. The Explosive Effects of Rumors in Syria and Insurgencies around the World
18. North Korea’s Threats, Campy Videos Drawing Internet Attention
19. Socialism and the Global Information War
20. Training the CAPOC Soldier
21. Combat on the Online Battlefield
22. New Cyber Rules Put Combat Decisions in Soldiers’ Hands
23. Cyber Warriors Association Points to Evolving Battlefield
24. Is Cyber War the New Cold War?
25. Air Force and Army Disclose Budget for Hacking Operations
26. Military Photographers Ready to Deploy Around the Globe
27. Air Force Academy Wins NSA Cyber Defense Title
28. How People in the Middle East Actually Use Social Media
29. New Electronic Warfare Tool Offers Innovative Approach
30. Jihadi Twitter activism – Introduction
31. SPAWAR Leadership on Information Warfare and the Growing Cyber Threat
32. Pentagon Paying China — Yes, China —To Carry Data

February/March 2013

FILE    = ARSTRAT_IO_Newsletter_v13_no_05.pdf

VOLUME  = 13
NUMBER  = 05
DATE    = February/March 2013

1. 10th Annual Army Global Information Operations Conference
2. North Korea propaganda taken off YouTube after Activision complaint
3. US Said To Be Target of Massive Cyber-Espionage Campaign
4. Electronic Warfare Will Be a Game-Changer in Modern Battle Zone
5. Army Is Gearing Up To Fight the PR War
6. Can Social Media Disarm Syria’s Chemical Arsenal?
7. Propaganda Programs Hard To Justify, Panetta Says
8. Software That Tracks People On Social Media Created By Defence Firm
9. Chinese Army Unit Is Seen As Tied To Hacking Against U.S.
10. Report Ties Cyberattacks on U.S. Computers to Chinese Military
11. Hackers Attack European Governments Using ‘Miniduke’ Malware
12. Top US General in Afghanistan: Taliban Succeeding With Its Messaging
13. The Great Cyberscare
14. Wanted: Ph.D.s Who Can Win a Bar Fight
15. Talking Past Each Other? How Views of U.S. Power Vary between U.S. and International Military Personnel
16. Army Electronic Warfare Evolutionary Path Presented At EW Summit
17. Nazi and Soviet Propaganda’s Shared Aesthetic
18. NATO: U.S.-Israeli Cyberattack On Iran Was ‘Act Of Force’
19. PACOM Promotes Regional Cyber Capabilities, Defenses
20. Information Warfare on the Korean Peninsula
21. How Space and Cyberspace are Merging to Become the Primary Battlefield of the 21st Century
22. AQAP Releases 10th Copy Of Inspire; Features Adam Gadahn
23. Assessing Inspire Magazine’s 10th Edition


VOLUME  = 13
NUMBER  = 04
DATE    = January 2013
1. 10th Annual Army Global Information Operations Conference
2. China’s Space Activities Raising U.S. Satellite Security Concerns
3. ‘Red October’ Cyber-Attack Found By Russian Researchers
4. Influence Operations and the Internet: A 21st Century Issue
5. When the Network Dies
6. Cyber Operations: Bridging from Concept to Cyber Superiority
7. Army Electronic Warfare Goes On The Offensive: New Tech Awaits Approval
8. Army Manual Highlights Role of “Inform and Influence Activities”
9. DoD Looking to ‘Jump the Gap’ Into Adversaries’ Closed Networks
10. President Putin orders FSB to protect media sites from cyber attack



VOLUME  = 13
NUMBER  = 03
DATE    = December 2012
1. Why Your Intuition about Cyber Warfare is Probably Wrong
2. Pentagon Drops ‘Strategic Communication’
3. European Renewable Power Grid Rocked By Cyber-Attack
4. China’s Growing Military Might Obscures the Real Threat of Cyberwar
5. US Official: North Korea Likely Deceived US, Allies Before Launching Rocket
6. Cyber’s Next Chapter: Penetrating Sealed Networks
7. North Korea Steps Up Jamming
8. Information Warfare: Cyber War Tools for the Infantry
9. Unwitting Sensors: How DOD is Exploiting Social Media
10. The Effectiveness of US Military Information Operations In Afghanistan 2001-2010: Why RAND Missed The Point
11. Hacking the Human Brain: The Next Domain of Warfare
12. Cyber Security Hunter Teams Are the Next Advancement in Network Defense
13. Hype and Fear
14. ARCYBER on the Attack on Paper, In Training
15. Electronic Warfare Graduates First To Receive Crested Collar Insignia
16. How to Equip the U.S. Military for Future Electronic Warfare
17. Al-Qaida Hit by Cyber Attack
18. Chinese Hackers Suspected in Cyber Attack on Council on Foreign Relations
19. You Can’t Handle the Truth
20. 10th Annual Army Global Information Operations Conference


VOLUME  = 13
NUMBER  = 02
DATE    = November 2012
1. Israel is Losing the PR War
2. Indonesia’s Cyber Defense Strategy and Its Challenges
3. NATO War Games Set To Begin on November 16, 2012
4. Army Leaders Emphasize Importance of Cyberspace Capabilities
5. US Handoff in Afghanistan Includes Radio Training
6. China Most Threatening Cyberspace Force, U.S. Panel Says
7. Data Triage and the Cyber Age
8. Beyond Battleships and Bayonets
9. Cyber Response’s Fatal Flaw: Mistrust
10. ‘Dagger’ Brigade Electronic Warfare Office Named Best In Army
11. IPO, KC Chiefs Enter Training Partnership
12. Satellite Jammers Turned On
13. Another Tool in the Influencer’s Toolbox: A Case Study
14. US Military behind Africa News Websites
15. Pentagon Propaganda Plan Is Source of Controversy
16. Panetta’s Wrong About a Cyber ‘Pearl Harbor’
17. Why Is Israel Tweeting Airstrikes
18. Psychological Warfare on the Digital Battlefield
19. Testing Novel Effects of Ad Redesign on Customer Willingness to Pay
20. Taipei’s Cyberwarfare Gambit


VOLUME  = 13
NUMBER  = 01
DATE    = September – October 2012
1.      Taliban Using Facebook to Lure Aussie Soldier
2.      Army and Marines Creating Systems for Cyber Fire Support
3.      There Goes the Siren of Psy-War
4.      Get Ready For Next Stage of Electronic Warfare: Expert
5.      Coming Soon On Demand: Cyber Weapons
6.      Iran Blocks Access to Gmail
7.      Keeping Nukes Safe from Cyber Attack
8.      Cultural Battlegrounds: Why Culture Matters In Global War on Terror
9.      Cyberwarfare and Combined Arms
10.     U.S. Military Overestimates Value of Offensive Cyberweapons, Expert Says
11.     U.S. Sets Sights on Iran for Its First Official Cyberwar Campaign
12.     The Cyber Debate Goes Public
13.     Growing Chinese Telecoms Threaten US Security
14.     Taliban Demands Unbiased Coverage of Its Attempted Murder of a 14-Year-Old Girl
15.     Boeing Successfully Tests Microwave Missile That Takes Out Electronic Targets
16.     Iran’s Global Cyber War-Room Is Secretly Hosted by Hizballah in Beirut
17.     After Snagging $4.6B Contract, Lockheed Plans ‘Cyber Kill Chain’ For Global Information Grid
18.     The Army Is Building Cyber into Its Combat Exercises
19.     Accolade for Troops’ Community Radio
20.     The Army Wants To Develop a New Generation of Cyber Weapons
21.     Social Engineering & Cyber Security: What Military Leaders Should Take from Kevin Mitnick’s Presentation
22.     Rogers Was Right, DOD-DHS Cyber Info Sharing Program Has Shrunk
23.     Iranians Build up Afghan Clout
24.     The Next Weapon of Mass Destruction Will Probably Be a Thumbdrive
25.     “Game Over” Text to Syrian Rebels – What’s the Message behind the Message?


VOLUME  = 12
NUMBER  = 10
DATE    = August 2012
1.      Disinformation Flies in Syria’s Growing Cyber War
2.      The Nature of China’s Information Operations Strategy
3.      Executives advocate a military approach to cybersecurity
4.      Dysinformatsia redux
5.      Hezbollah Under Attack
6.      For Army’s Electronic Warriors, Greater Foes than Afghanistan’s Await
7.      Pursuing Soft Power, China Puts Stamp on Africa’s News
8.      Pakistan’s Army Steps Up Radio Wars
9.      Pakistani Bloggers Accused of Hate Videos
10.     The Return of Dr. Strangelove
11.     Tagging and Tracking Espionage Botnets
12.     China’s ‘Model Workers’ Head to Cyberspace
13.     Symposium on Ancient Chinese Psychological Warfare held in Beijing
14.     Internet Analysts Question India’s Efforts to Stem Panic
15.     Information Wars: Assessing the Social Media Battlefield in Syria
16.     In Twist, Chinese Company Keeps Syria on Internet
17.     Inside the Ring: Taliban Infiltrate Social Media
18.     North Korean Jamming of GPS Shows System’s Weakness
19.     Army Increases Leader Training on Cyber Threats
20.     ANSF Takes the Lead in Information Fight
21.     US General: We Hacked the Enemy in Afghanistan
22.     Facespook: Russian Spies Order $1mln Software to Influence Social Networks
23.     Software Company Denies Spy Agency Collaboration
24.     Pentagon Fighting Taliban on Social Media Front


VOLUME  = 12
NUMBER  = 08
DATE    = June 2012
1.      Stuxnet: US Can Launch Cyberattacks But Not Defend Against Them, Experts Say
2.      Offensive Information Warfare and Red Teams
3.      Cyber Warfare…Brought To You by J.C. Wylie
4.      Intel Community’s Sharing of Cyber Tools Raises Legal Questions
5.      Netline Launches New, Extremely Small and Accurate, Portable Jamming System to Counter IEDs
6.      Hackers, Bloggers ‘Bunged Cash to Spin For Iran 2.0’
7.      Raytheon to Extend BMS with Social Media Capability
8.      Social Media and Unconventional Warfare
9.      Former Pentagon Analyst Says China Can Shut Down All The Telecom Gear It Sold To The US
10.     When GPS Goes Down, Pentagon Still Wants a Way to Fight
11.     China Tech Company Brags: We Hacked U.S. Telecoms
12.     Transmedia, Emerging Threats, and a Blended Strategy for Training
13.     InfoOps: Measuring Effectiveness
14.     Army’s Top Signal Officer: Everything Is Network Dependent
15.     Lift the Ban on the Domestic Dissemination of U.S. Propaganda
16.     Public Diplomacy as an Instrument of Counterterrorism: A Progress Report
17.     Chip Reports Prompt Congressional Review
18.     Texas Students Hijack a U.S. Government Drone in Midair


VOLUME  = 12
NUMBER  = 07
DATE    = May 2012
1.      Army Cyber Pros Pitch In With Network Evaluation
2.      Platforms and Upgrades Will Change Electronic Warfare
3.      GPS Vulnerable To Hacks, Jamming
4.      Beijing’s Battle Plan
5.      U.S. Seen As Iran ‘Cyberarmy’ Target
6.      File On Hitler’s Mental State Turns Up In Cambridge Home
7.      Profile of Adolf Hitler from 1942 uncovered
8.      Major Cyber Attack Aimed At Natural Gas Pipeline Companies
9.      Afghan National Security Forces Develop Information Operations
10.     Omaha Cast Net That Caught Cyberthieves
11.     Army Wants To Monitor Your Computer Activity
12.     A Clunky Cyberstrategy
13.     Us Army Cyber Command Has Never Seen A Cyber Attack
14.     Video: Chinese Information Warfare seminar
15.     Adm. McRaven Defends U.S. Information Operations Overseas
16.     China ‘Pursuing Steady Military Build-Up’
17.     Winning Without Fighting: Chinese Legal Warfare
18.     Read No Evil – Senior Censor Defends Work, Denies Playing Big Brother
19.     NORAD, NORTHCOM Launch Joint Cyber Division
20.     Army Cyber Talks Strategic Vision, Operations with Swedish Delegation
21.     Hillary Clinton Confirms US Al-Qa’ida Cyber Attack
22.     Meet ‘Flame’, The Massive Spy Malware Infiltrating Iranian Computers
23.     21st Century Chinese Cyber Warfare
24.     A Quiet Opening: North Koreans in a Changing Media Environment
25.     The ‘Art of Clandestine Courier Delivery’ Helped Bin Laden Stay Hidden for So Long
26.     Iran Deploys the Photoshop Weapon


VOLUME  = 12
NUMBER  = 06
DATE    = April 2012
1.      Al-Qaeda’s Online Forums Go Dark for Extended Period
2.      Debate Rages over Hacking Jihadist Websites
3.      Electric Dragons – Airborne Electronic Warfare Capabilities in China
4.      ‘Azerbaijan Actively Joined Information Warfare’
5.      Cyber War Will Not Take Place
6.      Designer Satellite Collisions from Covert Cyber War
7.      Al Hurra: An Eye on Democracy
8.      U.S. Navy Focus Shifts To Asia-Pacific
9.      What does #NTVlies Really Mean?
10.     Global Briefing: Russian Politics Moves Online
11.     Zombie Followers and Fake Re-Tweets
12.     The Anatomy of a Coup Rumour
13.     The Inconvenient Astrologer of MI5
14.     We Can Hear You Thugs
15.     US And China Engage In Cyber War Games


VOLUME  = 12
NUMBER  = 05
DATE    = March 2012
1.      U.S. ‘Info Ops’ Programs Dubious, Costly
2.      Conference Expects Slow Transition to Laser Weapons
3.      US Army Warns About The Risks Of Geotagging
4.      The 2006 “Divorce” of US Army Reserve and Active Component Psychological Operations Units – A Re-Examination
5.      Cyber Snoopers Target NATO Commander in Facebook Attack
6.      China, U.S. Chase Air-to-Air Cyberweapon
7.      BBC Persian Service Suffers Sophisticated Cyber Attack
8.      More Satellites Means More SATCOM Gridlock
9.      Historic Cyber Unit Begins Daily Action
10.     Syria E-Mail Hack Points to New Level Of “Information War”
11.     Three Little Pigs As Exposed by News and Social Media
12.     Tweeting the Taliban: Social Media’s Role in 21st Century Propaganda
13.     Fort Campbell’s 101st Combat Aviation Brigade uses Electronic Warfare to help Soldiers on the Ground
14.     Russia Considering Cyber-Security Command
15.     Cybersecurity, Marine Corps Style
16.     The Coming Cyberwar with Iran?
17.     China’s Twitter War
18.     Cyber and Drone Attacks May Change Warfare More Than the Machine Gun
19.     Giant Telco Banned Due To Cyber Attack Concerns
20.     SecAF: Cyberspace is an Air Force priority
21.     Taliban Offers Online Questions and Answers
22.     Should US Worry About North Korea’s Cyber Attack Capability?
23.     ‘Every Major Company in The U.S. Has Been Hacked By China’: Cyber-Espionage Warning From U.S Security Chief Who Warned Of 9/11


VOLUME  = 12
NUMBER  = 04
DATE    = February 2012
1.      9th Annual Army Global Information Operations Conference
2.      China Seeks to Vigorously Develop Battlefield Network Warfare Capacity
3.      The Future of Influence in Warfare
4.      Cloud computing to integrate with current Army system
5.      Report: Army network tests failed to adequately assess mobile operations
6.      Plant DNA Helps the Pentagon Identify Fake Electronic Components
7.      Chinese Communists Influence U.S. Policy Through Ex-Military Officials
8.      Malaysia’s Islamic Party Hails Iran’s Progress in Electronic Warfare
9.      Is China a Paper Tiger in Cyberspace?
10.     U.S. Could Maintain Virtual Presence in Syria
11.     Battle for Syria Rages across the Internet
12.     Iran – Death for Blogging
13.     A Fatal Tweet
14.     A Primer of Copyright Rules, Regulations, and Risks in Writing for Information Operations Publications
15.     The 50 Ruble Army
16.     Jihadi Information Warfare: The Next Wave
17.     DIA Director Reveals China’s Villainous Capabilities In Space
18.     In Attack on Vatican Web Site, a Glimpse of Hackers’ Tactics
19.     Anonymous, It Could Become a Cyber Weapon
20.     Report: Internet Radicalizes U.S. Muslims Quickly
21.     When Is A Cyberattack A Matter Of Defense?
22.     Quran Burning a PSYOP Failure in Afghanistan
23.     Psychological Warfare Must Precede Strike on Iran
24.     U.S. Should Not Follow China’s Example in Merging Cyber and Electronic Warfare Efforts

December 2011/January 2012

VOLUME  = 12
NUMBER  = 03
DATE    = December 2011/January 2012
1.      9th Annual Army Global Information Operations Conference
2.      A Speed Bump for Pentagon’s Information Ops
3.      Special Forces Get Social in New Psychological Operation Plan
4.      Hazards of Perception Management
5.      Does Social Media Help or Hurt Terrorism?
6.      All Quiet on the Western Front
7.      Who sent a false text message saying cash benefits will no longer be paid to Iranians?
8.      Cyberspat Erupts As Baku-Tehran Relations Become Increasingly Strained
9.      SPAWAR Recognizes Space Cadre at Information Dominance Warfare Officer Pinning Ceremony
10.     In the Middle East, Cyberattacks Are Flavored with Political Rhetoric
11.     SCADA Systems in Railways Vulnerable to Attack
12.     Twitter Able To Censor Tweets in Individual Countries
13.     Taliban Folklore in Pakistani Media
14.     Iran Mounts New Web Crackdown
15.     Call For Cyberwar ‘Peacekeepers’
16.     The Strategic Communication of Unmanned Warfare
17.     57% Believe a Cyber Arms Race is Currently Taking Place, Reveals McAfee-Sponsored Cyber Defense Report
18.     In Battle for Hearts And Minds, Taliban Turn To CDs
19.     Can U.S. Deter Cyber War?
20.     Supremacy in cyberspace: Obama’s ‘Star Wars’?
21.     Chinese Tech Giant Aids Iran
22.     China Likely to Go Asymmetric if Conflict Breaks out with United States



FILE    = ARSTRAT-IO-Newsletter-v12-no-02.docx

VOLUME  = 12
NUMBER  = 02
DATE    = November 2011
1.      The First Rule of Twitter Fight Club: Everyone Re-tweets Twitter Fight Club
2.      Stuxnet Raises ‘Blowback’ Risk in Cyberwar
3.      Assassination Backlash
4.      China’s Cyber-Warfare Capabilities Are ‘Fairly Rudimentary’
5.      No Other Nation Has Anything Like It
6.      Feds Cite Chinese Cyber Army Capability
7.      China scorns U.S. cyber espionage charges
8.      Fighting in the Fifth Dimension
9.      NATO Turns To Radio to Try and Get Its Own Message to Afghan People
10.     DRDO Developing a Futuristic E-Bomb
11.     CIA following Twitter, Facebook
12.     Speculation Continues Over Hezbollah’s Ability To Disable Israeli Drones
13.     Beijing’s electronic Pearl Harbor
14.     Cyberwar Most Likely to Take Place Among Smaller Powers, Experts Say
15.     Canada puts up $477 million to foil cyber attacks
16.     Turkey Centralizes Efforts for National Cyber Security
17.     Cyber Terror
18.     First Look: Electronic Warfare Missile
19.     U.S. Works to Counter Electronic Spy Risks


VOLUME  = 12
ISSUE   = 01
DATE    = October 2011
1.      Electronic Warfare Is More than Jamming IEDs
2.      Crowdsourcing Democracy through Social Media
3.      Coast Guard Cyberdefense Office: Small but Mighty
4.      U.S. cyberweapons had been considered to disrupt Gaddafi’s air defenses
5.      US Air Force Wins U.S. National Cybersecurity Innovation Award
6.      The Next Generation Jammer Will Not Be Used For Cyber Warfare
7.      US General: Communications with Pakistan on cross-border operations inconsistent but improving
8.      Chinese Military Suspected in Hacker Attacks on U.S. Satellites
9.      Twitter war with the Taliban
10.     Internet Censorship Growth Hampers News, Study Says
11.     Creech Drone Virus Infection Accidental, STRATCOM Commander Says
12.     Suspected US satellite hacking attacks: Reaction
13.     How Electronic Warfare Is Redefining the Battlefield
14.     China Denies It Is Behind Hacking Of U.S. Satellites
15.     Hacks make large-scale sabotage possible
16.     Army Sees Cyber Threats As Imminent
17.     Geospatial Information Authority targeted in cyber attack: Maeda
18.     Third Army conducts public affairs, military information support operations seminar for LAF


VOLUME  = 11
ISSUE   = 01
DATE    = January 2011
1.      Eighth Annual US Army Global Information Operations Conference
2.      Navy Intel Chief: Information Dominance Must Balance Firepower
3.      Cyberwar Case Study: Georgia 2008
4.      China and its Double-edged Cyber-sword
5.      India Self-Sufficient In Electronic Warfare: DRDO Chief
6.      Hacker Attack Greets Kim Jong Un on His Birthday
7.      PLA’s Psywar Against US
8.      Running For Linux
9.      Armenia Concerned over Expansion of Azerbaijan’s Information Coverage Abroad
10.     Viewpoint: A New Sino-US High-Tech Arms Race?
11.     Gates: Chinese Taking Strategic Dialogue Proposal Seriously
12.     Geotags Can Compromise Operations Security, Officials Say
13.     Senators Say Military Cyber Ops Not Disclosed
14.     A New Role for Jihadi Media
15.     Electronic Warfare Course Ramps Up At CGSC
16.     New HASC Chair Plans To Reorganize Committee
17.     The Limits of Stuxnet
18.     Show of Strength Urged For Cyberwar
19.     Dominance in Cyberspace Could Be a Losing Battle
20.     FBI Executes Search Warrants in Probe of Pro-Wikileaks Cyber Attacks
21.     Officials: US Better At Finding Cyber Attackers
22.     From Bullets to Megabytes
23.     Obama Needs To Address Our Cyber-Warfare Gap with China
24.     Beware the Cyber War Boomerang?
25.     This Week at War: Lessons from Cyberwar I



VOLUME  = 10
ISSUE   = 06
DATE    = 5 – 25 January 2010
1.      Service Members Bring Electronic Warfare to the Ground in Iraq
2.      The Truth Is Out There: Responding To Insurgent Disinformation and Deception Operations
3.      ‘Voice of the Pech’ connects Manogai residents
4.      Spymaster sees Israel as world cyberwar leader
5.      PSYOP Food For Thought from the US Civil War
6.      BLOG: Many Flavors of Jam
7.      Chinese Perspectives on Google-China Standoff
8.      Australia Responds To Threats of Internet War
9.      Senior General Says US Needs to Move Faster on Cyber Defense
10.     DoD “Clarifies” Doctrine on Psychological Operations
11.     New Threats Compel DOD to Rethink Cyber Strategy
12.     IDF Sets Up ‘Facebook’ Unit to Plug Media Leaks
13.     Lynn Lists Aerospace, Cyber-Age Challenges
14.     spies@work
15.     Clinton: Internet ‘Information Curtain’ Is Dropping
16.     China Tried To Hack India’s Computers: Narayanan
17.     Beijing Accuses U.S. Of Cyberwarfare
18.     In Digital Combat, U.S. Finds No Easy Deterrent
19.     Chinese Media hit At ‘White House’s Google’
20.     Taliban Overhaul Image to Win Allies
21.     Air Force Cyber Numbered Air Force Achieves Initial Operational Capability
22.     “Internet Freedom” And “Smart Power” Diplomacy
23.     Winning the Ground Battles but Losing the Information War
24.     Winning the Battle – Losing The War


VOLUME  = 10
ISSUE   = 05
DATE    = 17 December 2009 – 4 January 2010
1.      Air Force Cyber-security Unit Prepares Operations
2.      It’s Like Slate for Terrorists
3.      Anatomy of a Cyber-Espionage Attack, likely by the Chinese Military
4.      Military leaders accelerate C4ISR integration
5.      Cold war enemies Russia and China launch a cyber attack every day
6.      New report says ‘cyber warfare’ has become a reality
7.      Cyberwar: Can the Government Adapt?
8.      Debate Continues Over Cyber Protection, NSA Role
9.      An introduction to the FBI’s anti-cyber crime network
10.     NSA Official Addresses AFCEA Solutions Conference
11.     NSA To Build $1.5 Billion Cybersecurity Data Center
12.     NSA’s Public Relations Spinmeisters
13.     Pentagon Computer-Network Defense Command Delayed By Congressional Concerns
14.     Preparing For A Cyber Attack
15.     Prioritizing U.S. Cybersecurity
16.     U.S. Cyber Command-Too Little, but Not Too Late
17.     Why the U.S. Won’t Pull a Brazil—Yet
18.     New IDF unit to fight enemies on Facebook, Twitter
19.     Information Operations Primer (AY10 Edition, Nov 09)
20.     Should the U.S. Destroy Jihadist Websites?
21.     Insurgents Hack U.S. Drones


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