[Dutch] Terrorismebestrijding en mensenrechten: het SECILE-project

Voor wie meer wil leren over terrorismebestrijding en de relatie met mensenrechten zijn de deliverables van het Europese project SECILE (@EuSECILE) goed leesvoer. Eerst een beschrijving van het SECILE project (bron):

SECILE (Securing Europe Through Counter-Terrorism: Impact, Legitimacy, and Effectiveness) is a part-EU funded project of assembled European human rights and legal research experts tasked with exploring the true impact of European counter-terrorism policy since 2001.

In the first European project of its kind, the project team will, over the next 18 months, look to assess and understand the extent to which various actors have been impacted by counter-terrorism legislation in Europe – from the citizen, to the legislator, to the security services, and the domestic courts.

SECILE loopt van oktober 2012 tot april 2014, draait gedeeltelijk op FP7-funding en heeft de volgende deelnemers: Statewatch, Durham University, Centre for Irish and European Security (CIES), National Maritime College of Ireland, Peace Research Institute Oslo (PRIO), King’s College London’s en de Supreme Court of the Republic of Latvia.

In deze post wordt uitgelegd welke onderzoeksvragen SECILE adresseert:

Counter-terrorism is full of difficult questions, such as: What is the level of threat? Who does it come from? How can we combat it? What prices are we prepared to pay to be—or to feel—safer? How can we put into action the political commitments to security that governments make? SECILE is fundamentally concerned with understanding how we can ask—and how we can properly answer—three of the other difficult questions about counter-terrorism:

  1. What are the impacts of counter-terrorism on a whole range of actors (such as political institutions, individuals, communities, state security services, police, private corporations and NGOs)?
  2. How can we assess whether or not counter-terrorist measures introduced by the European Union are legitimate? And what does legitimacy mean in this context?
  3. How can we assess whether or not EU counter-terrorist measures are effective? What does ‘effectiveness’ mean in this context?

In Q4/2013 is een reeks rapporten opgeleverd. Hierbij de links naar de rapporten en de SECILE-blogpost bij elk rapport:

Verder aanbevolen leesvoer over terrorisme:


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