Dutch govt: “Dutch citizens, MPs have no need to replace simcards following Gemalto hack”

On February 26th 2015, the Dutch Minister of the Interior responded (.pdf, Dutch; mirror) to a question from MP Ronald van Raak, who asked whether the House’s simcards should be changed, following the media reports about Gemalto being hacked. Here is a translation of that response:

In the debate of February 25th 2015, MP Van Raak, among others, asked whether there is a need to change simcards, following the media reports about the possible hack of the company Gemalto.

This question was asked following an internal mail from the House’s IT department, that offered MPs the possibility to change their simcard. This has not been based on an advice from the AIVD, but at the House’s own initiative.

I currently have no reason to recommend Dutch citizens or MPs to change their simcard. I also refer to statements by both Gemalto and Vodafone on February 25th 2015.

When the National Communication Security Authority [NCSA aka NLNCSA aka AIVD-NBV], the part of the AIVD that is tasked with advising the national government about information security, has reason to assume that a means of communication should no longer be used due to an external threat, the stake-holding parties will be contacted. In consultation with the National Cyber Security Center (NCSC) it can be reviewed whether resilience-enhancing measures need to be taken.



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