Semi-public TSCM repository by James M. Atkinson (US citizenship + static IPv6 address required)

TSCM expert James M. Atkinson (more) made a large TSCM repository available via a restricted directory. To obtain access, US citizenship and a static IPv6 address are required. He announced his initiative via the following message posted to the TSCM-L mailinglist:

Many of you know that I am a pretty heavily published computer programmer, and that i am skilled in C, C++, Objective C, assembler, and embedded controllers, and programs to control devices, with a special emphasis on software that is use to control TSCM gear, and which studies the noise floor and then which detects and catalogs anything that is not noise. I have also written a great deal of software to break ciphers and codes, and published some fairly secure mechanisms of encryption that subverts even the most aggressive of eavesdropping by government funded entities.

For these who are interested, I have uploaded several tens of thousands of pages of documents in PDF format to the restricted directory on my website ( The directory also contains hundreds of thousands of lines of SOURCE code for computer programs that are of value in the performance of TSCM, such as programs that you can load directly on your spectrum analyzer and have it crunch through the spectrum, and controllers I have written for all kinds of Watkins-Johnson and Ma-com gear over the decades.

There is also a large flood of ITC student texts, and texts form the National Crypto school which were acquired through a FOIA request. A huge library of .gov TSCM reports spanning decades.

In order for you to access the directory I have to issue you a user name and a password, and this user and passwords are solely for your use, on your account. Do not share that user name or the passwords as the account will automatically lock when it detects multiple people using the same account. I also need a static IPV6 address for you (if you are a TSCM person, I do not need to explain what this is) as the account is locked to your device IPV6 address.

Due to the nature of the material in this directory I will only issue User Name/Password data to a U.S. Citizen only, and the only way do to this is to present an unexpired U.S. Passport that lists you as a U.S. Citizen. Also, you have to agree in writing to not disclose the data to any other person unless the person presents to you proof that they in turn are a U.S. Citizen and the only mechanism is by them presenting an unexpired U.S. Passport to you. No un-expired U.S. passport, means zero access. Additionally, you can not have access to the directory (I will not issue a user name or password) to any person who is a convicted felon, or who has been dishonorably discharged from the U.S. Military. I also will not issue user names or passwords to any person who I have good reason to believe will disclose the information in the directory to people who can not lawfully have access to this materials. I also will not provide access to well know con artists who have a proven track record of theft of intellectual property and claiming as their own. You also actually have to be someone who actually performs big sweeps, and not merely a fringe player, or someone with spy-shop grade gear.

The first step is the passport, no passport, no access, period. Prove that you are a U.S. Citizen first in order to obtain consideration for access, then prove you are not a convicted felon or that you have been dishonorably discharged. Then ensure that your device has a IPv6 address that can be routed through your ISP.

The directory currently holds over 285,000 printed pages.

Please remember that all of the source code is of my own creation, and that I hold full copyright on it, so if you need to use it for a project you are developing, then we will need to work out suitable usage/licensing arrangements. You will notice that the software spans form 1981 to the current date, and that I am sharing the actual source code for the iPhone encryption program I developed two years ago to place a massively powerful encryption system that is fairly bullet proof into iOS.

Each user will be bandwidth restricted to 1 TB, per month in order to moderate traffic to a reasonable level.