Calling Bullshit in the Age of Big Data – free/open lectures, tools and case-studies from Washington U Spring 2017 class

The University of Washington had a Spring 2017 class entitled “Calling Bullshit in the Age of Big Data” and makes available the lecture materials at (Syllabus, Videos, Tools, Case Studies, FAQ).

Lecture titles:

  1. Introduction to bullshit
  2. Spotting bullshit
  3. The natural ecology of bullshit
  4. Causality
  5. Statistical traps
  6. Visualization
  7. Big data
  8. Publication bias
  9. Predatory publishing and scientific misconduct
  10. The ethics of calling bullshit.
  11. Fake news
  12. Refuting bullshit

The course (Twitter: @callin_bull) was created by (mathematical) biology professor Carl T. Bergstrom (Twitter: @CT_Bergstrom) and associate professor data science and ‘science of science’ Jevin West (Twitter: @JevinWest), both affiliated with the University of Washington.

Coverage at The New Yorker: How to Call B.S. on Big Data: A Practical Guide (this link was posted at Hacker News).

Coverage at Explosive growth in bulls**t studies! The latest academic frontier in the age of You Know Who .

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