U.S.-Owned Trackers on Dutch Govt Websites

I used Firebug and manual code inspection to puzzle out which Dutch govt websites have which (ad)trackers like Google Analytics and Nedstat comScore (who bought Nedstat in Q3/2010). Some reflection is desirable, IMHO, on whether or not to disclose which (Dutch) IP address accessed what (Dutch govt) content to foreign-owned companies who’s government may require/force them to hand it over. Note: I only looked at the homepage of each site.

First the good (tracking-free –> kudos!):

Then the bad:

              I don’t know what data is collected / is not collected by the various trackers, and lack the time to carry out that analysis. If you feel like it, please do so; I will be more than happy to link to your results or post them on this blog on your behalf.

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