‘Chief of NSA/USCYBERCOM Eyes Deterrence in Cyberspace’ — here is a list of readings on deterrence

According to a report by DefenceTalk, the chief of the NSA and USCYBERCOM, Mike Rogers, is eyeing deterrence to fight adversarial behavior in cyberspace. The article quotes from Rogers’ response to the newly revealed reports that allege malicious behavior from Chinese and Russian actors: “Right now, if you are a nation-state, if you are a group, if you are an individual, my assessment is that most (hackers) come to the conclusion that [attacking U.S. targets in cyberspace] is incredibly low-risk, that there is little price to pay for the actions that they are taking”. Furthermore: “[it is] not in our best interests in the long term as a nation to have that perception”. No information is provided concerning a strategy for such deterrence. For inspiration, here is a list of readings on deterrence in cyberspace (covers various kinds of actors):


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